Gaye Sanders Fisher

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Gaye Sanders Fisher

We have all heard of the cat having nine lives, but  do we know the artist with at least four?  After finishing UNC at Chapel Hill in organ and English,  Gaye was organist for  a number of churches and taught English at Chapel Hill High School while her husband, Jesse C. Fisher, finished his PHD. She had two sons, Jesse Powell Fisher  and John Spurgeon Fisher. 

Gaye's love of architecture and history eventually took her down a 32 year road of design and restoration specializing in restoration of area rice plantations. It was through this restoration and research that she discovered the luscious watercolors of Alice Ravenel Huger Smith.   By studying the life and work of  Miss Smith she found her passion.  

Color and emotion are two words often used to describe the painting of Gaye Sanders Fisher. Being from the Carolina's, the lowcountry, its unique architecture, nature and color have been her subjects for over 40 years. Watercolor is a medium of freedom.  Each painting is an adventure waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.  To Gaye it is a way to express the beauty, the emotion of God's gifts to us all.

"Watercolor allows the spontaneity and the rich transparency of color

that are essential in paiting subjects that I love."

Gaye Sanders Fisher